Mimecast Services for Exchange

Ease the burden of running Exchange by moving email management to the cloud

Microsoft Exchange is the de facto standard for corporate email. All implementations require vital compliance, e-discovery, security and disaster recovery services – which can increase the complexity for administrators.

Mimecast service bundles make it easier to deliver a strong, functional Exchange-based email system. A single integrated suite of email security, archiving and continuity services reduces the risk, cost and management overhead associated with an array of third-party point solutions – in one service and in the cloud.

Mimecast Services for Exchange provide:

  • A single, integrated platform that mitigates email risks while reducing complexity and cost
  • Mimemcast S1 provides industry-leading email security that protects users and networks from spam, viruses and advanced threats
  • Proven scalable storage in a perpetual cloud archive with Mimecast A1 meets compliance and governance requirements including e-discovery and litigation support
  • Mimecast C1 for uninterrupted email access for employees that protects against planned and unplanned Exchange downtime

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Solution Overview - Targeted Threat Protection

Solution Overview - Targeted Threat Protection