Migrating from Postini

It’s time to make the move to Mimecast.

With Google’s announcement that its Postini email security service has been discontinued, organizations are actively seeking out the best Postini replacement solution for their needs. Many do not want to rely on Google Apps for their email security, nor do they want to take a step back to an on-premises security offering. Making the right cloud security choice first time is important – but how do you evaluate the Postini alternatives?

Key evaluation criteria include - quality of security service and associated SLA, customer support offering and reputation, ease of implementation and ongoing management, features and experience for end users and a track record of delivering a painless transition.

Mimecast is the obvious choice for email security in the cloud

The reason so many organizations have chosen Mimecast to replace Postini comes down to:

  • Unparalleled cloud service. The most comprehensive zero-drag cloud-based email security and compliance solution on the market today – supported by our purpose-built, highly secure and trusted cloud platform with 100% service availability SLA.
  • Complete peace of mind. Rock solid SLAs – 100% anti-malware including zero-day protection and 99% anti-spam protection with 0.0001% false positives and bulk mail detection. Flexible real-time outbound email content and secure communication policies enable encryption and proactive data leak prevention (DLP) measures.
  • Advanced account administration controls allow effective management of complex, multinational or multiregional messaging environments.
  • Class-leading customer service. A reputation for delighting customers and providing complete support at every stage of engagement.
  • Admin and end user experience. We provide a powerful centralized administration console to setup and control policies and compile reports. End user productivity and self-sufficiency are supported by a complete set of mobile and desktop tools.
  • A proven migration methodology. We provide a managed migration designed to eliminate disruption and downtime and have a proven track record for delivering a painless transition.
  • Unified email management approach. The flexibility to easily add email continuity and email archiving services either now or in the future, all managed from a single administration console.


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