Litigation Readiness

Be prepared to respond to legal demands for business information.

Litigation support and eDiscovery preparedness have accelerated the appetite for supporting technology in businesses where these activities are common. For IT teams provisioning solutions to assist the business in responding to eDiscovery and litigation support requests, a new set of challenges have grown, spawning new and often expensive technologies.

Litigation support demands a timely and efficient response to both external and internal eDiscovery requests. Businesses who are not prepared for these activities often spend large amounts of time and money locating the small piece of content required. Quite often an out of court settlement is the only choice for those unable to comply or defend their position.

These worries drive IT departments to be more dynamic in the way they handle eDiscovery requests - email, file and instant message archiving have been deployed in businesses to solve these problems. But there is still a disconnected set of information stores that need to be trawled to even begin the early case assessment process.

Mimecast’s unified archive solves these problems

Bringing all your corporate information stores together into a single, central repository in the cloud is a problem easily solved by Mimecast. Our cloud platform for archiving delivers a simple cloud archive for email, file and Lync IM that your business can use to store corporate information. eDiscovery and Litigation Support capabilities enable your IT team to quickly and effectively search and find email, file or IM data, using a powerful set of eDiscovery and case management tools.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email can also be deployed as part of a wider suite of Unified Email Management tools that provide cloud based email security and email archiving.

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