Healthcare Overview

Mimecast Unified Email Management cut the cost of maintaining compliant, secure, always-on email

In today’s economy, healthcare organizations must deliver even higher quality care to increasing numbers of patients while keeping costs under control.

Healthcare IT professionals have an important role to play in addressing these challenges. They must invest in technologies that enable security and privacy while underpinning the processes that guarantee compliance and governance - and they must find ways to unleash the power of collaboration, mobility and innovation.

More specifically, they have to contend with:

  • Complying with overall internal policies and external regulations.
  • Ensuring that messages are secure (encrypted) to comply with Meaningful-use Stage 2.
  • Managing the risks presented by the use of PHI and its transmission through email platforms.
  • Protecting against malicious or accidental leaks of confidential information or PHI.
  • Encrypting email that contains sensitive information and PHI, while being able to audit that encryption processes are being correctly implemented.
  • Tracking and tracing email to ensure full traffic oversight.
  • Correctly managing email data when required or referenced in patient data and being able to run timely and efficient eDiscovery processes.
  • Enabling and supporting mobile or remote workers, but continuing to enforce central email security policies on their communications.
  • Keeping their email management costs within budget while driving efficiencies and leveraging new technologies.


Email sits at the heart of this challenge. But how can healthcare IT professionals deliver an email solution that strikes the right balance between flexibility and control, in a multi-device email environment – and without adding new layers of cost and complexity?

The Mimecast Solution: Flexibility and Control

Mimecast Unified Email Management for Healthcare provides a set of key email technologies that help IT departments manage governance, risk, regulatory compliance and end-user mobility, all without deploying extra hardware or software on site.

Healthcare providers are realizing measurable benefits from a set of integrated email management tools that brings together:

  • Security: Industry–leading email security and granular, healthcare specific data leak prevention, ensuring the security of PHI in emails through email encryption
  • Archiving: Ten years of internal and external email securely stored, yet instantly accessible.
  • Compliance: System administrators can leverage an array of tools such as audit, track & trace, HIPAA and HITECH security policies and retention of all historic email data, providing you with maximum efficiency for eDiscovery.
  • Continuity: ‘Always-on’ email for Outlook, Blackberry, BES and smartphone users, while central email security policies remain.
  • Mobility: Support for personal email archive access via Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and Blackberry