Simplify Exchange Management

Minimizing the costs and complexity.

Microsoft Exchange provides the critical infrastructure for corporate email, with the majority of business inboxes hosted on the platform. Organizations have been deploying, upgrading and migrating Exchange servers as part of their routine IT process for many decades.

Today, businesses are beginning the process of migrating to the latest version, Exchange 2013, and looking to leave behind older versions such as Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. Many more are considering their first move to a hosted platform with Exchange Online as part of Office 365.

Managing Exchange hasn’t always been a smooth process; IT teams have had to adapt to the changing demands of the business, often placing an added burden on IT infrastructure such as Exchange.

For example; compliance and eDiscovery drivers have demanded the addition of retention policies, generating large amounts of email data that has to be archived. Security and privacy concerns have added the demand for encryption gateways and increased confidentiality. Recently, public folders have been given a new lease of life in Exchange 2013.

Finding a way to solve all of these problems, while providing a slick, lightweight and accessible Exchange environment, and at the same time delivering upgrades and migrations has become THE new email problem for IT teams. A problem that continues to frustrate the progress of IT innovation.

The Mimecast Solution: Unified Email Management

Solving all of your email management problems in one, simple, clean move is easy with Mimecast. The array of point solutions that exist on the network, the sprawling mailbox stores and PSTs, the constant migration and upgrade process are all easily solved with Mimecast. Our Unified Email Management (UEM) suite of services, provisioned from our Cloud platform, deliver simple but effective solutions, without the need for additional hardware or software. They remove the pain, cost and complexity typical of Exchange environments.

Mimecast offers a suite of services designed to simplify and reduce the overhead of Exchange management and migrations.