User productivity & mobility

Delivering valuable self-service and anywhere access.

Optimizing employee productivity and efficiency is a key priority for many organizations. The proliferation of advanced consumer technologies readily used outside of work has led to the rapid consumerization of IT – meaning employees expect productivity boosting technology enablers to be as seamlessly available to them at work as they are in their personal lives.

Mobility has been a key driver of this trend, leading to many organizations putting mobile apps and tools at the forefront of requirements when selecting and implementing new technologies. With email being such a critical business tool, getting the most value from it should logically be at the center of user productivity initiatives.

Mimecast places the end user at the center of our service design and delivery philosophy.

Whether for email security, email archiving or continuity purposes, we offer a unique set of highly integrated, feature rich yet intuitive desktop tools and mobile apps. Employees can work smarter and respond more quickly whether in the office or on the road, while administrators retain full centralized control.

Together, they provide end users with easy access to their Mimecast email archive and support continuous access to email when primary email systems are unavailable. What’s more, they give users the freedom to select specific email security and email branding settings when composing email, rather than requesting the creation of an ad-hoc security policy.

Our comprehensive portfolio of end user tools includes:

    • Outlook integration
    • Native Mac application
    • Secure browser access

    • Apps for all key platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone


Mobile and desktop apps