What Our Partners Say

Why do companies become Mimecast partners, what do they get out of it and why do they stay with us?


“They help us generate leads and close business…”

Softcat | Partner Since 2006

"The relationship we have with Mimecast is as good as any we have with a reseller or vendor. They work really closely with our sales team, helping us develop some extremely effective and attention grabbing campaigns. And they’re always looking at how we can make the partnership work better. For example, they developed a bespoke, points-based incentive programme – to encourage our top performers to hit revenue targets. It’s this kind of focus on innovation and building a mutually beneficial relationship that has delivered where it really matters – an expanded portfolio of services and increased revenues. In the simplest terms, Mimecast helps us generate leads and close business..."

Matthew Helling, Network & Security Business Manager, Softcat  |


"Probably the best “new” vendor partner we have discovered years"

Softcat | Partner Since 2006

"Excellent people, fantastic technology, and a real understanding of what works for a reseller like Softcat. Mimecast is probably the best “new” vendor partner we have discovered in the last ten years."

Richard Wyn Griffiths, Solutions Manager, Softcat  |


"They go beyond simply making it easy to do business"

Kelway | Partner Since 2008

"When we look at growth opportunities, Mimecast is one of the most strategic vendors we work with today. They go beyond simply making it easy to do business; they actually help grow our business because of the upsell opportunities, the joint marketing activities and because of the alliance relationships they hold with key players in our space."

Alan Brown, Kelway  |


"The UK’s first Mimecast Certified Technology Specialist Business Partner"

SproutIT | Partner Since 2009

"Working exclusively within the UK Legal market, means we must be very careful to select the right technology partners. The Mimecast team show a genuine interest in our customers and work in close partnership with us to help to solve the challenges our customers face."

Matt Torrens, Director, SproutIT  |


"Mimecast makes it easy"

IT Lab | Partner Since 2009

"It’s a partnership in the true sense of the word: we are now able to deliver our customer’s business critical services better, faster and more cost effectively and Mimecast makes it easy for us to do this."

Des Hudson, Chief Operating Officer, IT Lab  |


"The marketing from Mimecast is first class"

Bytes | Partner Since 2010

"As a growing business in a market with some very large vendors and budgets, I do think the marketing from Mimecast is first class."


"Mimecast are a perfect partner for us"

Attenda | Partner Since 2013

“As a critical applications-focused company, we understand the increasing importance of email in our target market. Mimecast are a perfect partner for us to offer managed services for email security and archiving across hybrid environments”

John Noakes, Director Product Marketing, Attenda  |